Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Stampin' Up! story

My husband Mike and I married a little over 10 years ago, we had just moved close to his home town and I knew no one. As a wedding gift of sorts, one of his best friends wives wanted to help me make our invitations. We did most of it on the computer, but then we used these fancy scissors and a sticky pen and Embossing powder, Then this thing that should have belonged to a plumber to make the powder melt..... OH I was loving this!! So off the the craft store, I bought a rubber "thank you " stamp and 3 markers... I made my own thank you cards... all 100 of them using markers and a rubber stamp.

2 years later I was visiting my family over 500 miles away. My dad had given my husband a Boat. We went and while we were there my Sister in law invited me to a "Stamp Camp" We made a Birthday calendar. Each station had a different technique... and all these really cool rubber stamps and the ink.... I was in Heaven! It wasn't long and I was showing my mom, sisters and anyone else how to do the neat thing I just learned at each station. My Sister in law was quick on her feet, she knew I was leaving in the morning, so she gave me a catalog, and all the paperwork I would need to sign up, sense I was so far from her and I was so "great at helping others to stamp" . She told me all about this company that she sold for and all the fun things that go on. ALL the way home I talked to my husband about how much fun I had, I told him all about the neat stamps, and the Business opportunity. For 8 hours I talked about it. That Friday when we got paid my husband called to see what I was doing for the day, I told him how excited I was, I had just sent in my starter kit forms... he had no idea what I was talking about! MEN!!

I called the only person I knew in town and asked her to have a workshop.. I had never been to one, but they showed it on the video, so I knew I could do it. My first party was over $500!! I earned the Stampin' Start, and I only really knew 3 people in town, but that was soon to change! But I was just going to do enough workshops to pay for my new hobby...

Now almost 8 years later, I have 2 downline and LOTS of friends! I wouldn't know most of them if it wasn't for Stampin' Up! I still have never been to a Stampin' Up! workshop, besides my own! BUT I have so much fun, I LOVE to share what I love! and I am so blessed to have meet so many wonderful friends in person and online because of Stampin' Up!

Now more than ever I love my job! I have 4 boys, and if weren't for my Stampin' Up! business I would have to go outside my home to get a "real" job. What could be better than going to work playing with my rubber stamps and making wonderful gifts for friends, family and even strangers!

Oh and my husband has learned that he needs to pay attention when I am talking!

If you think you are ready to start your own Stampin' Up! business let me know, I would love to help you get started!

Jennifer Jones

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