Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Build-a-Bear - Bath time fun

While at my sister and Brother in-laws over the weekend, I was giving my youngest son Chance (2 1/2) and his cousin Colton ( 3) a bath. Colton had a foam alphabet to use in the tub, the letters stuck to the tub when they were wet. This made me think..... I have fun foam, and I have Build-a-Bear sizzix dies. So today I gathered up my fun foam, It really is FUN!, and got out my dies. I was a little bummed to find that I did not have any brown foam in my stash...Oh well bears are white too!

I cut out my bears and then all my clothes. There is a little sleeve in with the clothes but it is such a little piece I will not let the little ones play with it.

I had to check out my work ... so off the the bathroom I went! All I need now is water, and wa-la! ( is that how you spell that???) They stick!!!
okay thanks to all who helped this spelling challenaged person ( thank goodness for spell check, too bad it's not always right!) So voila’
they sitck!! lol

I just love how this works! I know that Chance is going to have lots of fun playing with these! And even if he doesn't I know that I will!!
I don't have it pictured but to store these cute little guys and all the clothes I am using an empty stamp set box.
If you are in Florence, OR please come to my Mystery Hostess Workshop on Sept. 26th for more great Build-a-Bear ideas!
Until next time,
Jennifer Jones


  1. Kewl Idea!! Thanks for sharing! Kids (and Mothers) are going to love this...


  3. That is absolutely AWESOME!!!! My son is 6 and he was playing with my build a bear stuff with cardstock...he's gonna' LOVE this idea. Yes, he still plays with stuff while he's showering...LOL!! Thank you for the fantastic idea!!

  4. Very cute idea and it's sure to be a hit with little kids.

  5. What a great idea Jennifer, and yours are so cute!! I will have to make some of these too!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  6. This is a really great idea!! The die-cuts are next on my list to purchase and you've helped me figure out what I'm doing for my niece's birthday next month!