Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm Back!!!

It has been a long year, I have had much going on at home, work and with my health, BUT I am back creating again. And am SOOO excited!
So a little about what has been happining...
a few years ago I gave up my craft space for the sanity of the house ( we had to seperate our two oldest teenage boys) It was very difficult for me to down size and only have 2 cupboards ( granted they each hold about 400 sq feet) but I did it.... sort of... I had to store stuff in the younger boys closet! Anyway my oldest Graduated High School and then decided to move out. While I was sad to see him go, that also ment I got my space back, and now I have a WALL and a DOOR!!!
as you can see I am still oragainzing the space...

And I will have to use it as an office too, but I DONT CARE!!

I have reduced my work outside the home hours to almost none, I just want to be home for the boys and be able to be creative again!
I have had a few health issues pop up, and I am sure I will share more about that with all of you at a later time, but for now I am able to create and I am feeling a bit better...

so stay tuned I will be soon posting Project Mondays again, and hope to start doing videos too! ( I am sure there is a good utube video showing how to make a utube video, right? )

until next time

Jennifer Jones