Friday, August 7, 2009

A clean stamping space

A while back I said I was cleaning my stamp room, but forgot to share the pictures with you.

So this is my stamping space.....

This is my Desk area, I have a six foot long table, backed up to a wall. I have my ink pads in a holder I bought ages ago from someone in Boise, Id. It is great it holds 48 colors
and the refills. I always meant to hang it on the wall, but it
has been great just sitting on the desk.

In the rolling cart I have my adhesive in the top 2 left drawers, and cutting tools ( blades, templates) in the 3rd drawer on the left. In the right drawers i currently have all my punches, 4 drawers hold those. The top right drawer has my heat tool, and other misc. things I use often.

In the bottom right drawer I have my Sixxix dies, it holds all I have right now... the large door on the left hides my Big Shot and some of the Bigs XL dies.

Above the cart I have a self that holds my current ribbons, all my markers, and the rest of my ink pads.

This is the best thing my DH has ever made for me! he made 2 of these great cabinets, although he did it for selfish reasons ( he didn't want to look at my stuff anymore). They were supposed to hold all of my things, but as you can see I have lots out on shelves!

I have one cabinet for all my SU stamping stuff, I keep all my stamp sets, old DSP, thing to stamp on, and Business supplies. The other cabinet in the room is for all my other crafts that I do, Quilting, Scrapbooking, painting. Also I keep all my photos in the other cabinet.

This is the inside of my Stamping cabinet. The top inside shelves hold all my current stamps, old DSP, extra adhesive and Stampables.

The bottom is too messy to share, but I have my retired sets and Business supplies.

These are the selves above my work area.

On these shelves I have my most used items, PAPER is close at hand. This saves me so much time! I have a turn about box that I got from Target for my handheld punches, scissors, brushes, wheel handles and I store my embossing powders in the drawers.
All my SU brads and buttons are in the storage caddy. Which is hiding ( only in the photos) on my desk behind the square storage caddy.
Above my paper I keep old copies of Stampin' Success and all the past issues of the catalog. I have cute little boxes scatted on my shelves to hold misc embellishments labeled for seasons.

On the top shelf I have my contraband. All my flowers, buttons and LOTS of ribbon. Also I keep photos of my boys when they were sweet and cuddly ( teenagers NOT so sweet, cute and cuddly)
I keep all my wheels in the storage boxes.

For paper storage I use the Stamping up paper holders, I have 4 colors per box. I have then in order of SU color family's. This makes knowing which colors I am running low on easy for ordering or deciding what to use for class! I use the dividers, and keep all my scraps to the right of the whole sheet for easy locating.

For my scrap neutrals , I keep them on my desk at the ready. I have them in a clear shoe box, I try to keep them in order of color/type, but its not to bad to look through this box for a piece to stamp on.

I keep all my current 12x12 papers in these clear stackable holders I picked up from the local scrap store.
Next to my table to the right I have a little desk area with my computer and printer, also I keep a rolling bin with Kids crafts in it. No pic, to messy to share!

I Love my stamp room, and hope you do too!
Thanks for looking, Hope I gave you some storage ideas!
Jennifer Jones


  1. Great stampin' space! I know all about the not so cute & cuddly teenage boys. Although they will be 20 & 22 later this year, so we move past the teens. Still not so cute & cuddly. lol

  2. Awesome stampin room:) love all the pictures :)