Monday, January 18, 2010

Projewct Mondays #3

OPPS the 3 day weekend has me all messed up... I thought today was Sunday! So I guess you want to see what I did for this weeks project huh?

I have been wanting to make a purse for quit a long time... I have great intentions to get these things done, but with 4 boys I stay pretty busy, and my stuff gets put on the back burner a lot!
Anyway back to the project. I have seen these all over the web, lots of people have been making them, but I still wanted to share with you the one I made!

This is a big Shot Purse, using the Scallop square die from Stampin' Up! You can cut through 8 or more layers of fabric at a time! ( it all depends on the type of fabric) You will want to experiment to find the right amount for you to use.

For the purse you will need 38 scallop squares of fabric, and 19 squares of batting. I made both the inside and out side the same fabric, made it easier for me!

You will take the fabric and and batting to make a sandwich, make the fabric right sides out ( which is hard to remember if you sew much, it just seems wrong! lol) You will sew and X on each sandwich. I started by doing one side and making a chain ( see below)

once I was done with that chain I cut them apart and did the other side of the X. Once that was done I sewed the pieces together. 6 for the front 6 for the back, 2 for each side and 3 across for the bottom. I sewed the front to the bottom and that to the back, then I sewed the sides to the bottom, I wish I had taken a pic of that step for you... so it was then laid out like a funky + sign. I pinned the sides up to the front a back and then sewed them together.
I made my straps using 2 pieces of fabric 2 1/2 by 24 inches long. and a closing strap that started off 2 x 12 inches long. For this you could make them however yo wanted, you could even use ribbon! To attach them I placed them in the center of the outside squares, and pin them in place. make sure it is how you want them...
I attached a button ( I used a kiwi kiss corduroy button here) in the center of the square on the front panel. then I placed my closing strap how I wanted it, tucked inside the squares on the back of the purse. also pin that in place.
Once the straps are all how you like them take it to the sewing machine. Sew around the whole purse ( I found it easier to take the front off the sewing machine like for sewing sleeves and such) you will want to reinforce the straps by sewing over them again.
Then you are done! You can take a pair a REALLY sharp scissors and snip just to the seam all the scallops, this will take a long time, but you will get a more shabby look. also if you sew a button on the inside ( just back to back with the front button ) you can turn your purse inside out!
here is the final product!

SO if you love this please let me know! Tell me what you think! is there any projects you want to see me do in the future?

Jennifer Jones
thanks for stopping by!


  1. I LOVE this... I'm not very good at sewing, but I'm going to give this a try. I'll be back to reread your post a few times I have a feeling! LOL
    Wendy Hawkinson

  2. Jennifer this is fantastic!!!!! Thanks for the directions!