Sunday, January 24, 2010

Project Mondays 4

Well again Organization is my thing!! I am happy that I have found so many fun things to make that will help me be more organized!

So this week I made a Birthday box... well I didn't really make it I just used the Forget-me-not Keeper from Stampin' Up! and I added a little some pizzazz to it!

I made a perpetual calendar for the dividers. This way you can add the names of your friends and family that you send cards too, and use it year after year!

I am having a class on this project, cost is $25 for one Birthday box.( this includes the Forget-me-not Keeper- $11.95) I am having this class on Sat Jan 30th, so If you want to attend I need your payment by Monday Jan 25th so I can order the boxes!
If you want to make this and you will not be in Florence Oregon this weekend and you want to make this I am offering it as a kit as well! Cost for the kit is also $25. Just email me and we can get it set up ( haven't figured out the PayPal button thing yet! )

Please tell me what you think!
Jennifer Jones

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  1. This is adorable! It's amazing how much it dresses it up! I think Jennifer's Stamp Addiction is becoming my addiction! :)

    Chanda Stehlik