Saturday, July 11, 2009

So I have been playing around and trying to get a little more computer savy, I wanted to add a watermark to my pictures, and so I spent all day yesterday downloading Adobe photoshop 7, had I known it would take 8 hours to download, I would have just went to town and bought it! Anyway I went to Stampin Kub and checked out this video I watched it ages ago, and needed a refesher. so here is my new watermark, what do you think??

The card btw is one I made for a cousin who lost her brother a few years ago.
The flower is from Riot of petals. you can find the details about this card on my splitcoast gallery.
I know I don't haved a lot in my gallery, I am tring to get better about sharing my creations!

Jennifer Jones


  1. Jennifer, I like it, some watermarks are too large and obscure the card/project. You have a blog which is a step ahead of my computer knowledge...Looks good! and I like the card too.