Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Family reunion

Oh how I miss my family. They all live 500 miles away, so visits are far and few between and the drive is, well LONG. The boys did really good on this trip, they slept almost the whole 10 hours there, but that's only because I made them stay up the night before.

My boys love to fish and a trip to Idaho would Kill them, or so they think, without a stop at the Snake river for Cat fishing.

They usually catch more than they did this trip, only 2,so we gave them to Great-Grandpa and he really loved them!

I was having so much fun hanging out with my family that I totally forgot to take any pictures at the family reunion, I am pretty bummed about that. I am sure that my sweet sisters and cousins will share with me though!

I did take some pics of our sisters night out, which was the calmest (is that a word?) it has ever been. I think we were all tired, and it was supper hot in Idaho. I think I picked the worst time to visit, 105 on Sat! and that is about 40 degrees hotter than where we live!

This me, My big sis Honey (yes that really is her name, her real name) and my little sis Angie. (we always take a self portrait on our outings)

On our way home we decided to stop at a desert lake that we have driven by 2-3 times a year for the last 10 years, and NEVER stopped... Well it was pretty darn neat. A good sized lake in the middle of the desert, you can not see it from the hwy so I have always wondered why do all these people stop and camp there ( you can see their campers). While we were there I did remember my camera. We saw a flock of White pelicans, in the desert of all places! I am used to seeing them here on the coast, but have never seen them inland! We did see a few other strange looking birds, but have no clue what they were. We will have to make sure we stop and take pictures next time, and bring our bird book!

So that is what I have been up too. Hopefully I will get some stamping in soon!


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  1. Your blog looks great and I just realized you live in my favorite Oregon City, you lucky girl.