Wednesday, December 2, 2009

when life throws you lemons....

Its best to make lemonade. But sometimes you are just to tired! I have had quit a time lately.

First we had the flu, busy with football games and practices, then all the hunting and fishing. Last Monday I was admitted to the hospital, I had emergency gal bladder surgery on Tuesday morning! I had no idea I was having gallbladder problems until i had my husband drive me the the ER on Monday. NOT FUN! Doc says I will be up to my usual self in about another week, YEAH!

So I was sitting her this am, getting ready for my Craft fair this weekend (which I am WAY not ready for, thanks to the surgery) and the school calls, before class even starts! Nathaniel had tripped in the gym and broke his front tooth in half! OUCH!!
So I rush to the school ( not showered yet either) and then to DR. Hunt the dentist. They are so great at his office, they had him fixed good as new in a little more than an hour! you can't even tell! My only regret, I forgot to bring my camera to get a good pic of Nathaniel and is half tooth. If I can figure out how to get the pics off my phone I will share!

so I hope I have lots of goodies to share with you tomorrow. and IF you are in the Florence/Reedsport area this weekend go check out the HUGE sale in Reedsport this weekend. Lots of great stuff!

Jennifer Jones

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