Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I am sorry...

I am very sorry for being absent for a few days! I had intended to have some great posts ready for you to post while I was away, but I ended up only having a little more than one hour to get ready to leave for my trip! That was not really enough time for me to pack myself, a 2 year old and make sure my 2 oldest boys had all their things....
BUT Jaeden got a deer opening day ( which is why we are back early). He was hunting with his uncle when he got it. He was glad he got it, but didn't want to have to go home, and back to school!

Here are some more pictures from my trip....

We woke up on Saturday morning to a dusting of snow. The boys were so excited! they scrapped as much snow off my car as they could to make a snow man!

It snowed almost a foot on Sunday morning!

Sense Jaeden had his deer he was at camp a little more, and he helped his brothers make this snow man on Sunday!

thanks for stopping by... come back soon!
Jennifer Jones

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